On August 4, 2023, the CalOSHA Standards Board issued its latest revised draft of the Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Standard. It maintains the 82 degrees Fahrenheit indoor temperature trigger. The main changes to be aware of:

Additional Exemption: An exception for indoor locations that will be considered outdoors when they met all of the following criteria: (1) indoor location is not normally occupied when employees are present or working in the area or at the worksite; and (2) indoor locations where employees are present for less than 15 minutes in any one-hour period; and (3) indoor locations not contiguous with normally occupied locations.

Indoor/Outdoor Employee Clarification: Allows employers to comply with the Indoor Heat Illness Standard in lieu of the Outdoor Heat Illness Standard when employees go back and forth between outdoors and indoors.

“Cool-Down Area” Includes “To The Extent Feasible”: A cool-down area is now defined, in part, as “…an indoor or outdoor area that is blocked from direct sunlight and shielded from other high radiant heat sources to the extent feasible…”

Measurement & Recording Exemption for Air-Conditioned Vehicles: When vehicles with “effective and functioning air conditioning” they will be exempt from the measurement and recording assessment and control measures.

EMS Clarification: When an employee is exhibiting signs or symptoms of heat illness the employee cannot be left alone or sent home without being offered onsite first aid and/or provided with emergency medical services (EMS).

Integrated Indoor/Outdoor Training: Employers are permitted to integrate indoor heat illness training into their outdoor heat illness training program.

Heat Index Chart Update: The Heat Index Chart has been expanded to include rows for 80 degrees and 104-125 degrees.

The latest revised draft is now subject to a 15-day comment period. All comments are due by August 22, 2023.


Posted 08.07.2023

Author: Athena Ushana

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