California Agricultural Safety Certificate Program

This 18-hour training program provides individuals new to agricultural safety a broad-based education in the essential issues of this field.   The program will assist employers in improving workplace health and safety, reduce the high costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses and comply with federal and state regulatory requirements. 
The program consists of four courses, a fifth session that includes a cumulative roundtable discussion of the information learned and three-hours of elective safety education.

CASCP Programs

Course 101: 

Safety Laws and Regulations
This course will provide you with an overview of the current regulations that affect workplace safety in California agriculture. The course will:

  • Review the key California agricultural safety regulations
  • Help you identify the regulations that are relevant to your operation
  • Show you how to access the regulations online

Course 102: 

Developing and Maintaining an Effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is the backbone of your company's safety program. The purpose of this course is to provide:

  • An understanding of the eight essential elements of an IIPP
  • General guidelines for developing, improving, implementing, and maintaining your IPP
  • Guidance for developing an effective safety program or making sure that you current IIPP works for your operation
  • The information you need to implement your IIPP and improve safety at your workplace

Course 103: 

Hazard Identification and Control
To improve the safety of your operation, you must identify workplace hazards and learn how to eliminate or control these hazards in order to avoid tragic and costly injuries. This course will provide guidelines for:

  • Identifying and evaluating workplace hazards
  • Investigating safety incidents at the workplace
  • Correcting unsafe and unhealthy work conditions
  • Enforcing workplace safety

Course 104: 

Effective Safety Training 
A safe workplace depends largely on training your employees how to work safely. This course offers:

  • An understanding of the need for and value of safety training
  • Techniques for overcoming the potential barriers to effective training
  • Ways to ensure that the training you provide is effective
  • The tools for identifying the topics you need to include in your safety training sessions

Course 105: 

Safety Certificate Roundtable 
Upon completion of the coursework, you will be required to participate in a 3-hour roundtable session designed to allow for discussion of how the information learned through the coursework was used, or could be used to enhance the company’s safety program. 

3-Hour Elective Requirement
You can choose from a variety of approved classes to complete your elective coursework. If you are already enrolled in the certificate program, you will be notified when approved electives are being offered throughout the year.

For more information on the CASCP, including dates and locations where the training will be offered, contact AgSafe at 209-526-4400 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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