AgSafe Staff

  • Amy Wolfe, MPPA, CFRE
    Amy Wolfe, MPPA, CFRE President & CEO
    209-526-4400 ext.402
  • Kris Helton
    Kris Helton Executive Vice President
    209-526-4400 ext. 413
  • Theresa Kiehn
    Theresa Kiehn Director of Operations
    209-526-4400 ext.403
  • Rosie Cano
    Rosie Cano Director of Development
    209-526-4400 ext. 405
  • Natalie Gupton
    Natalie Gupton Director of Development
  • Kristin (Kristi) Besson
    Kristin (Kristi) Besson Director of Finance & Administrative Services
    209-526-4400 ext.406
  • Angelina Ceja, MPA, QAL
    Angelina Ceja, MPA, QAL Director of Education
    209-526-4400 ext.404
  • Anna Genasci
    Anna Genasci Assistant Director of Education
    209-526-4400 ext. 416
  • Lonnie Barbosa
    Lonnie Barbosa Education Specialist
  • Melanie Fisher
    Melanie Fisher Education Specialist
  • Manuel Gutierrez
    Manuel Gutierrez Education Specialist
  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza Education Specialist
  • Mayra Muro
    Mayra Muro Education Specialist
  • Joe Rendon, MA, QAL
    Joe Rendon, MA, QAL Education Specialist
    209-526-4400 ext. 412
  • Gabriela (Gaby) Ventress
    Gabriela (Gaby) Ventress Education Team Coordinator
    209-526-4400 ext.407
  • Christine Baily
    Christine Baily Communications Coordinator
  • Katie Garland
    Katie Garland Senior Operations Coordinator
    209-526-4400 ext. 414
  • Sarah Lamee
    Sarah Lamee Development Assistant
    209-526-4400 ext. 418
  • Pam Rockey
    Pam Rockey Development Assistant
    209-526-4400 ext. 415
  • Veronica Cano
    Veronica Cano Operations Assistant
    209-526-4400 ext. 408
  • Beverly (Bev) Abarca
    Beverly (Bev) Abarca Operations and Membership Coordinator
    209-526-4400 ext.409
  • Debra Ottman
    Debra Ottman Finance and Administrative Services Assistant
    209-526-4400 ext. 410


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AgSafe is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to providing employers and employees in the agricultural industry with education and resources to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Click below to make a donation.